The lovely Tom Hardy



About Pooneh Hajimohammadi

My name is Pooneh Hajimohammadi. I’m an actress, writer and photographer. I used to work in Iran, I starred in popular TV shows like ‘Khane Dar Tariki’ and ‘Mazrae Kochak’ and the feature film ‘Aroosak Farangi’ (Western Doll was the English title). I’m now an actress living and working in the UK. I was in ‘The Bill’ just before they cancelled it (it wasn’t my fault). My first role in a UK feature film was Suri ‘The Machine’ and I've just finished acting in my latest feature film which is called 'Don't Knock Twice' and will be out in 2017. I’ll upload from time to time and look forward to learning how all this works. Best, Pooneh
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One Response to The lovely Tom Hardy

  1. salarf says:

    فیلم ماشین رو دیشب دیدم فیلم بسیار تلخ و سیاه البته درخشانیه. امیدوارم شروعی باشه برای کارهای بیشتر. بازیگری و نویسندگی در خارج ازایران کار بسیار سختیه. م

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