I’ve recently got two jobs on feature films that are in the process of being funded. One is called ‘The Machine’ and the other is called ‘Embedded’.


Here are some photos of the work that I did for the promo of ‘The Machine’. I think they’re very beautiful and it was very cool to be made to look like a robot!

I wake up in a vast hanger and discover that I’ve killed the scientists that created me.

I then break of of the military base and try and pass for human.


These are some stills from the other feature film I’ve got a role in, it’s called ‘Embedded’. I play a journalist travelling with a group of soldiers in Afganistan, who are called to investigate the crash of a helicopter. When we arrive at the crash site we discover that it was shot down by creatures from another world.

The reason I’m so scared is because there is something clinging on my back.


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